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Your Money's Worth

Jan 27, 2020

Sandy tells you why you should begin filing your taxes as soon as you get your W-2 form in a main-segment interview. The cohosts discuss common nuisance fees (and how to avoid them) and Ryan explains why you likely need renters insurance if you don’t have it already.


How to avoid paying pesky fees:

Jan 21, 2020

Zillow economic research director Skylar Olsen joins the show to break down the decision making behind renting or buying a home. Ryan and Sandy give money-smart travel advice for 2020. Wild Pitches covers end-of-life plans and budgeting.


Great getaways that won’t break the bank:

Jan 13, 2020

Kiplinger’s Associate Editor Miriam Cross re-joins the show with tips on how to protect your loved ones from falling victim to elder fraud. Ryan and Sandy go over the results of Kiplinger’s market volatility poll and the pair dish on forgotten gift cards and fund naming practices in a new edition of Financial Fact...

Jan 6, 2020

Ryan highlights some of his favorite stocks to buy and hold for the next ten years. He and Sandy tell you why to make your holiday returns ASAP, and a new edition of Deal or No Deal involves 529 plans and paying for pricey prescriptions.


Consumer World’s 2019 return policy survey: