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Your Money's Worth

Mar 30, 2020

Ryan and Sandy talk to CFP and MD Carolyn McClanahan on financial strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. The hosts discuss smart ways to spend your stimulus check and answer questions from the listener mailbag.


Stimulus check calculator:

Mar 23, 2020

Sandy and Ryan discuss what your health insurance may or may not cover during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan covers some market basics to keep in mind amid market volatility and Sandy details strategies for raising quick cash.


Time is on your side as an investor:

Mar 16, 2020

Ryan and Sandy chat with credit expert Gerri Detweiler about the new scoring system that could affect your FICO score. Ryan goes over some bear market history and Sandy tells you why you need to tax-diversify your retirement accounts.


A history of bull and bear markets:

Mar 9, 2020

Sandy and Ryan chat with senior investing editor Kyle Woodley on risk-mitigating market strategies amid coronavirus panic. The cohosts highlight virus-related scams to beware of, and tell you what to do with your 401(k) when you leave your job.



What to do with old 401(k)s and IRAs:

Mar 2, 2020

Sandy and Ryan welcome Zillow economist Jeff Tucker to the show for a discussion on the housing market outlook for 2020. The cohosts give you tips for saving at the pump and close the show with investing strategies amid coronavirus market panic.


Gas-saving tips that actually work: