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Your Money's Worth

Oct 26, 2020

The well known maxim of putting 60 percent of your money in stocks and 40% in government bonds is due for some significant reworking, says a top analyst for Bank of America. Also, our hosts Sandy Block and Ryan Ermey discuss retiring where it's cold and the price you'll pay for pumpkin spice.



Oct 19, 2020

We talk to Kiplinger's newest collaborator. Playing outside linebacker for the New England Patriots is just one of the irons he's got in the fire -- and a number of them focus on financial literacy. Also, the 2021 COLA is revealed.


2020 COLA announcement:

Oct 12, 2020

We talk to veteran comparison shopper (and Kiplinger editor) Bob Niedt about the ins and outs of Amazon Prime Day -- what's on sale, how to take advantage, and what's actually worth it. Also, how will Halloween go down in a pandemic, and insights on how to be a thrifty, happy snowbird.


Research from the NRF on...

Oct 5, 2020

The founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights joins David Muhlbaum and Sandy Block to discuss the dicey state of air travel today. Also, the new steps you need to take to get financial aid for college next year and weird goings-on with the savings rate.


Appealing financial aid decisions: